Jack Garvey: Why Here? Why Newburyport?

Jack Garvey, local legend, flutist, projectionist, and gadfly, reached out to voice his take on The William Lloyd Garrison Annual lecture, and why Garrison is still relevant. Here it is: So far, four writers have clearly and convincingly covered Now in the need for re-confirming the legacy of William Lloyd Garrison.  May I offer one entirely devotedContinue reading “Jack Garvey: Why Here? Why Newburyport?”

Rebecca Regnet: “Why Garrison? Why Now?”

I became intrigued about the life story of William Lloyd Garrison five years ago when I visited Newburyport as a consultant and stayed at the Garrison Inn. As my work has brought me to Newburyport to live and work in January 2021, I consciously made the decision to “act” upon this interest. Pastor Sara ofContinue reading “Rebecca Regnet: “Why Garrison? Why Now?””

Jack Santos: “Garrison: Why Here? Why Now?”

William Lloyd Garrison is undoubtedly a Newburyport native that has had an outsized national impact. Very few current Newburyporters know the details about Lloyd Garrison, or the effect he had on national events. The fact that Lincoln invited him to the White House. Or that he, and Frederick Douglass, were the most widely known abolitionistsContinue reading “Jack Santos: “Garrison: Why Here? Why Now?””

Andrea Eigerman: “Why Garrison? Why Now?”

After a few years, I realized that I had been walking my dog past William Lloyd Garrison’s birthplace at 3-5 School Street without knowing it. I was motivated to learn more about Garrison beyond the statue and signage at Brown Square. I started by reading Henry Mayer’s biography of Garrison, entitled All on Fire, toContinue reading “Andrea Eigerman: “Why Garrison? Why Now?””

William Quigley: “Why Garrison? Why Now?”

Leading up to the annual William Lloyd Garrison lecture, we asked “Friends of William Lloyd Garrison” to talk about “Why Garrison? Why Now?” This week the author is Friend of William Lloyd Garrison, Bill Quigley Garrison is acutely relevant to divisiveness among Americans today, particularly our differences over vexing social problems and conditions produced byContinue reading “William Quigley: “Why Garrison? Why Now?””

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